Patient support for eligible and enrolled patients prescribed Increlex

Once the provider has prescribed Increlex® (mecasermin) injection, the IPSEN CARES® Patient Access Specialists are fully dedicated to:

  • Facilitating patients’ access to their prescribed medications
  • Providing information and support for the interactions among offices, patients, and insurance companies for Ipsen medications
IPSEN CARES® Program Enrollment Is Quick and Easy
Patients must be enrolled to access all IPSEN CARES support offerings.
Patient/caregiver and HCP download the IPSEN CARES Enrollment Form and complete it at the office. The form is submitted electronically or by printing and faxing it to IPSEN CARES.
Once a completed Enrollment Form is received, an IPSEN CARES Patient Access Specialist will conduct a benefits verification to review the patient’s out-of-pocket costs associated with the Ipsen medication. Additional support offerings for which the patient may be eligible will be discussed at that time.
Complete and Submit
IPSEN CARES Enrollment Form
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