Patient support for eligible and enrolled patients prescribed Increlex

Once the provider has prescribed Increlex® (mecasermin) injection, the IPSEN CARES® Patient Access Specialists are fully dedicated to:

  • Facilitating eligible patients’ access to their prescribed medications
  • Providing information and support for the interactions among offices, patients, and insurance companies for Ipsen medications
IPSEN CARES Program Enrollment Is Quick and Easy
Eligible Patients must be enrolled to access all IPSEN CARES support offerings.
Patient and HCPs can fill out the IPSEN CARES Enrollment Form at the office. The form can either be filled out online and then submitted electronically, or it can be printed and then faxed to IPSEN CARES.
Once a completed Enrollment Form is received, an IPSEN CARES Patient Access Specialist will conduct a benefits verification to review the patient’s out-of-pocket costs associated with the Ipsen medication. Additional support offerings for which the patient may be eligible will be discussed at that time.
Complete and Submit
IPSEN CARES Enrollment Form
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